Research Safety

About Research Safety

Research Safety develops, updates, and implements comprehensive research safety programs. We suggest methods to mitigate associated risks and serve as a resource for Federal, State, and Local regulations and safety guidelines.


Meet Our Team

Sandra Conrrad Interim Assistant Director, Research Safety
VACANT High Containment Lab Director
Karla Hill Occupational Health Program Manager
Megan Dumas Chemical Safety Officer
Joyce Sahussanun Laboratory PPE Coordinator
Monique Skahan Controlled Substances and DOT Program Coordinator
Kasra Karimian Process Safety Engineer
Lorena Andrade Vivarium Safety Officer


Our Programs

  • Vivaria Safety Officer and AED campus program

  • Occupational Health preventative medicine and medical monitoring for all areas on campus, including research and non-research groups, medical referral, immunization review, and medical clearance to wear appropriate PPE. Allergy assessment and coordination of medical accommodations with the relevant departments on campus

  • PPE Distribution Program for Research Laboratories

  • Controlled Substances Research Program and DOT Drug and Alcohol Program


Our Services

  • Vivarium Safety
    We support IACUC efforts to ensure safety in research involving animals. Specifically, EH&S develops procedures, conducting assessments of research spaces and investigates and responds to safety and injury incidents.

  • Occupational Health
    We support the health and well-being of all UCI employees and researchers by ensuring that workplaces are safe. We accomplish this by coordinating with other campus locations to ensure employees/ researchers with different medical conditions have the proper work environment or PPE to work safely.

  • Lab Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    We support the research community on campus by providing the appropriate PPE, personal fit-testing, and training on appropriate use. We assess needs and track distribution of PPE through an online application, manage laundry services for the entire campus, and offers prescription eye protection.

  • Controlled Substances Use Authorization (CSUA)
    We maintain and support all aspects of the UCI Controlled Substances Use Authorization (CSUA) Program to comply with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registrations governing the use of controlled substances for research, veterinary and teaching purpose.  This includes CSUA’s for chemical precursors and the DEA List I chemicals and campus DEA liaison for Schedules II-V registrations.