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Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) is a department within the Division of Finance and Administration (DFA); EHS strives to provide reliable, innovative, and proactive services to the campus community. Our goal is to integrate safety into the culture of our community while supporting academic and research excellence. The result is a safe and healthy environment with appropriate compliance, protection of assets, and efficient business processes.

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UCI EHS Services Overview

Our team at EHS has developed a Environmental Health & Safety Services Overview document to provide detailed information on the breadth and scope of our services and responsibilities at UCI. This document was developed to explain direct services offered and provide clarity related to EHS work processes for new faculty, department/unit leadership, staff, and non-campus stakeholders (e.g., CALOSHA, Orange County, etc.). This document showcases EHS services that illustrate the complexity of our work, how the staff interacts with campus units and organizations, and the various efforts and initiatives we utilize to achieve environmental, health, and safety compliance at UCI.

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