About UCI Fire & Life Safety

The Fire & Life Safety Division is essential in protecting the campus community from injuries, business interruption, and property damage resulting from fires and related perils. The division's purpose is to ensure reasonable and consistent protection for persons and property in or on UCI administered properties, including all housing units, excluding UCI Medical Center and their facilities.


Our Leadership Team

Joe Rizkallah Interim Associate Director, EHS 949-824-9850 jar@uci.edu
Dale Saunders Lead Fire Marshal 949-824-4077 dsaunder@uci.edu
VACANT Fire Marshal
Eric Gardner Assistant Fire Marshal 949-824-9665 gardner@uci.edu
Jason Delaney Supervisor, Fire Sprinkler Systems 949-824-6093 j.delane@uci.edu
Jim Bola Fire Safety Supervisor 949-824-6706 jbola@uci.edu
VACANT Fire Prevention Officer & Fire Alarm Staff Assistant Supervisor