Title 24 - Plan Review/Inspections

Plan Review

All new construction and renovation projects for UCI Main Campus and its Off-Campus properties require a plan review by a Designated Campus Fire Marshal (DCFM). Below is the UCI Plan Review sequence of Approvals:

  1. Plans submitted to DCFM from a UCI project manager.
  2. DCFM and other representatives comment on submittal. Submittal returned to UCI project manager as “Back Check.” (Typical turnaround time for each review is 14 days)
  3. Resubmittal of all plans shall include the back-check set. If all comments have been corrected, and no additional discrepancies are found, the plans will be approved and stamped by the DCFM as a “Final Approval” set.
  4. Once the plans are approved, the project can move forward with contracts or construction.

Construction Inspections

All new construction and renovations projects require field inspections for UCI and its properties by a Designated Campus Fire Marshal (DCFM) or a UCI Fire Inspector. Below is the sequence of construction inspections:

  1. The DCFM/Fire Inspector shall walk the job site with the Project Inspector of Record (IOR) after both parties agree to the scope of the inspection.
  2. Both the DCFM/Fire Inspector and IOR will take notes of any corrections or comments identified during the inspection.
  3. During the inspection, if either the DCFM or the IOR agrees that the scope of the inspection is not ready, then either party may cancel the inspection. And the Project IOR will then reschedule the inspection.
  4. During the inspection, if the DCFM/Fire Inspector has questions regarding the construction, they will address all questions to the IOR only, not to the contractor or subcontractors.
  5. Once an inspection is complete, the DCFM/Fire Inspector will document the inspection either as Approved with an Inspection Report form (EN-2), or Fire Safety Correction Notice form (EN-11).

Meet Our Team

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Reed Wolonsky Fire Safety Prevention Specialist 949-824-6200 rwolonsk@uci.edu
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