High Containment Program


The UCI BSL-3 High Containment Laboratory Program operates as a partnership with UCI Biosafety, the High Containment Laboratory Oversight Group (HCLOG), UCI Office of Research, and university schools and departments.

The BSL3 laboratories are core facilities owned and operated by the School of Medicine and the School of Biological Sciences. These laboratories are available to researchers at UCI.

BSL3 laboratories are highly engineered facilities built to carry out research with high-risk infectious pathogens. The High Containment Program provides specialized expertise in regulatory and safety requirements to the departments and schools that work in and manage the laboratory spaces. The schools provide management and oversight for operations of the facilities. The Biosafety Office and High Containment Laboratory Director (HCLD) oversee the regulatory and compliance-based aspects of UCI BSL-3 laboratories by providing operations support, ensuring regular maintenance, laboratory verification, ensuring standards are met, and that personnel training is effective.

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Facility and Equipment Description (UCI login required)

People wearing high containment lab wear in a laboratory

The UCI BSL3 facilities have dedicated single-pass HEPA-filtered exhaust under negative pressure & directional airflow with sophisticated emergency backup systems and alarms for continuous real-time monitoring of the individual laboratory room pressures. One-way pass-through autoclaves are used to sterilize all waste out of the facilities.

BSL3 Facilities Description