Environmental Health Inspections

The UCI campus and the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) have an agreement in place where the UCI Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHS) will provide consumer protection and retail food facility regulation oversight for all UCI operated facilities, non-UCI vendor-operated facilities and temporary food booths operating on the UCI campus property. These responsibilities will be conducted by a Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS).

Permitting and inspection services for all swimming pools and spas will also be conducted by the UCI campus REHS along with complaint investigations, record retention, and construction plan review.

Domestic water quality on UCI property will also be addressed by EHS.


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Drinking Water

Irvine Ranch Water District is the water purveyor for UCI. The State Department of Health Services monitors the water quality based on State and Federal codes. If you have any questions or concerns about the campus water supply, please contact EHS at 949-824-0155.

Pest Control

Facilities Management provides pest control services. Requests for pest abatement services can be placed by contacting the Facilities Management Service Desk either by phone 949-824-5444 or fax 949-824-4868.
The Orange County Vector Control District is an excellent source for additional information. Their website address is: http://www.ocvcd.org/.

Swimming Pools

  1. Contact your medical service provider as soon as possible. The physician’s diagnosis is a key element in assisting our office in determining whether you became ill from swimming in a swimming pool.
  2. Contact EHS immediately. You can leave a detailed voicemail message at 949-824-0155. The campus Registered Environmental Health Specialist will contact you the next workday. In an emergency, call EHS through the UCIPD dispatcher at 949-824-5223.

EHS is responsible for swimming pool and spa pool inspections on campus. You can leave a detailed voicemail message with this office at 949-824-0155. The campus Registered Environmental Health Specialist will contact you the next workday. In order to help us better serve you, please be ready to provide the following information when you request an investigation:

  • WHO: Your name, address and telephone number. This information is kept confidential, but it is important for the campus Registered Environmental Health Specialist to have the ability to contact you for additional information related to the investigation.
  • WHAT: Please describe the condition(s) you observed that prompted your call (i.e., cloudy water, dirty showers etc.).
  • WHERE: The name of the facility.